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Album: Send Me Out

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I believe I have stories to share, and I want to share these stories through songs in my album "SEND ME OUT". My father Haik Hovsepian was martyred in 1994 and I was persecuted and experienced tremendous pain. But God brought forgiveness and healed my wounds. As I express in one of my songs, the wounds are healed but the scars still remain. By God’s grace, I have turned some of those scars into songs. Some of these songs are about martyrdom, missions, forgiveness, persecution and the cost of discipleship. My hope is that this album will help bring attention to that part of the world and raise prayer support for Middle East. I also hope to inspire and challenge others in their daily walk with Jesus.

The album contains 10 original songs that are infused with Middle Eastern flavor. More than 20 live instruments have been used to create a very unique sound. Instruments such as: zurna, dombak, duduk, ney, tar, clarinet, sax, flute, percussion, drums, bass, guitars, piano, violins, cello, trumpet, trombone and etc., with the performance of some of the best musicians as Pedro Hustach, John Pena, Doug Webb, Jerry Watts and many others.